Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nouvelles Images

Yoohoo, grin, 3 Nouvelles Images cards in one envelope.  It was like Christmas finding them in my mail box.  I loooove them!
I was so happy to get them.

This one was for the November Alternative Round Robin from Miss Maple.  Since pink just happens to be my favorite color, this is a perfect card for me and a Nouelles Images on top of that, wow.  Gotta love it!  
Thank you so much Saskia for listening to Andy and choosing this card for me.  I loooove it!

This one of  'The Cats'  was also for the November Alternative Round Robin from Duplevista.  He's the host of these Round Robins and he's doing a fantastic job.  One thing about joining these RR's, they become quite addicting, but they're so much fun and it's a great group of people participating.  Back to the card, of course I love this one with all the different cats.  Soooo cuuuute!
A big thank you goes out to Andy.

This is called 'The small breakfast'.  Looks yummy and all those cute utensils and coffee pots and things.  So cool!  These are awesome cards.  This one is for the October Alternative Round Robin, sent by Miss Maple.  Thank you so much Saskia.  
All 3 of these cards are awesome additons to my collection.
I love them all!!!! 

The envelope was sent from The Netherlands and it has a clear readable postmark.

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