Saturday, July 28, 2012


This card is so cuuute!  I just love it! 
It came from Eliza and she sent it for the North America July Round Robin.
She went to a Postcrossing Meet Up in Grand Rapids, MI this month and sent it from there, along with signatures from some of the participants.  How cool! 
Thank you Eliza and to all the others, that signed my card.

Did You Know?

I received this cute guy this month for the North America July Round Robin.
These "Did You Know?" cards are really great, because they're full of information and facts.
It says, that the Great Smokey Mountains National Park with its great variety of plants and animals, and its rich cultural heritage entice more people annually than any other in the United States.
Thanks to Nhigh for this great card.  She knows that I love bears!  How could one not?
He's so adorable!

Lighthouses Of Cape Cod

This is an awesome card.  It's a map card and lighthouses all in one, which I both love.  
Here it shows all the locations of all the lighthouses on Cape Cod.  
I also really like the border around the card with the fish, seashells and lobster.
My new postcard pen pal sent me this awesome card.
Thank you so much Karen.

Chicago, Illinois

I received this beautiful view of Chicago's skyline 
for the North America July Round Robin
from MissMcFace.  Thank you Megan!
The card says, that the Sears Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world, is one of the most recognized buildings of the Chicago skyline.
I've only been to Chicago's O'Hare airport and unfortunately didn't get a chance to see the city.
I'd love to visit there and just stroll around and explore this beautiful city one day!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tabby Cat

How cute is this guy or girl?
I love Tabby cats and used to have one a lot like this.  
This one looks so sweet!
Thank you to emotis for sending this adorable card to me 
for the June North American June Round Robin.

Hamilton, Ontario

This card came this week from LizzyS for the June North American Round Robin.
It's a lovely view of the city.  
Lizzy wrote, that Hamilton has a population of about 505,000.
Also there is a lot of green space there for running, walking, hiking trails, the beach and places to ride.
Sounds like a lovely place to live.
Thank you for the great card!

A lot of interesting and colorful stamps on this card.

Russian Bear

I found this cool card this week in my mail box.
It's Postcrossing CN-1036247.
Thank you to Ann for sending it.  I love it!
Ann wrote, that the bear is one of the characters in Russian fairy tales.  
His name is Mihail Potapych and he's very big, strong, clumsy, but kind hearted and righteous.
How cute! 

I always find the Russian stamps as so beautiful and detailed.