Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Got to show at least one map card.  I just love them.  This one here is really cool, because it has a map and also some pictures of Romania on the right side.  The shape of the country is the color of the Romanian flag.  On the bottom middle you can see it's capital city Bucharest, which that is where the card was sent from.
Thank you so much for the awesome card Violeta.  She sent it to me for the January RR.

Some cool stamps 
and a very clear postmark.  

St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York

St. Patrick's Cathedral on New York's 5th Avenue is a must-see, when you're there.  It's the largest decorated gothic style Catholic cathedral in North America.  
We went to see it  years ago and lit a candle.  The experience was really spiritual somehow.
I remember us sitting on those very steps in front, because we were so tired from all the walking around the city.  It was worth it though.  Had so much fun. 
A big 'thank you' goes out to Squirrelsohno for sending me this beautiful card for the North America April Round Robin.  

Teddy bears

Loooove teddy bears!!!
I got bears sitting around all over the house in all sizes.  They're just so adorable.
These cuties came from The Netherlands for the January Round Robin, which also was my birthday month, so Martine sent me these adorable guys.  Thank you so much for this lovely card.

Here are the 3 stamps that was on the card.  Quite colorful!  Very nice!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

South Africa

I've been having some problems with my scanner these last few days, which made it a bit frustrating and very time consuming trying to get a few cards scanned.  Finally I do have a few new ones to show here.
I love, love this card!  It's an awesome map card, which are among my favorites.
I especially love all the fun characters on it.
A big thank you goes out to Alison, who sent me this great card for the January RR. 

A great Airmail Postcard stamp with and readable postmark, yoohoo!!!

Siena, Italy

This beautiful card of the Cathedral and Municipal Palace in Siena came from Emeraldmist, who was visiting there this spring.  How lucky!!!  What a great historical city.
She brought a lot of cards back and sent me this great one for the North American March Round Robin.   Thank you so much Corinne. 

Russian Matreshka Dolls

I think this card with the Matreshka Dolls is so beautiful.  I love them!
It shows the museum in Moscow where you can see these beautiful Russian traditional nesting dolls. 
The dolls shown here are part of the exhibition and were made in 2003.  
I'd love to visit there!
Thank you so much to Kate for sending me this card from my favorites for the January RR.  

I love the Russian stamps.  They're so beutifully detailed and colorful.


This is a new Moomin card for my collection.  I always love receiving them.  They're so cuuute!!!
This one was sent to me by nediam-nori for the January RR.  
I love it!  Many thanks to Suvi for this adorable card.

It also had this great Moomin stamp.  So cute!