Saturday, February 13, 2010

Birthday Cards

Last month was my birthday and I received some very lovely cards. I want to thank everyone for thinking of me and sending warm wishes my way. It meant a lot to me and made me very happy!

This really adorable card came from Russia for the January Round Robin.
I love this card! Thank you Svet.:)

Totally awesome stamps too!

These beautiful, colorful, glittery cupcakes came from TrickySticky for the January RR. Thanks for the 'sweet' card. Love this one!

World as a heart stamp! Cool!

Another January Round Robin card. This fabulous, delicious cake was sent by Gea. Thank you! Doesn't it look yummy? :) Wish I could offer everyone a piece!!! lol

Really some nice stamps on this one!

This nice card I received from one of the GTKY girls. It looks so inviting and relaxing. Just sitting out in the warm sun reading a good book or magazine and enjoying the quiet!
Thank you Charlotte for the beautiful card.:)

This really nice card came from Finland from another one of the GTKY girls. It's a lovely card. Thank you Essi for this great card and wishes.


Here is another card I received for the January Round Robin. I just had to show this card, because it's too cute. Thank you Eellaa for this sweet card.:) I love it!

The card says: "Can't live without each other!".

Love the stamps too. A great variety of them! Very nice!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cute Kitty

This cute kitty was a lottery win. I think this is such an adorable card and I love it!
Thank you so much to Carole from Canada.

I haven't been able to find any animal cards here. They're all just touristic ones, that's being sold in the stores. I think I'll have to check on-line for them and see what I can find there.
So, that makes this card even more special.:)

Lovely flower stamps. Makes me think of spring time.


I was very excited to get this great card. Besides being a beautiful card, it's also a new country for me, yeah!!! :) I received it through a private swap.
Thanks so much to Nancy!

Andorra's population is less than 90,000 and it's located between the French and Spanish border. It's one of the smallest countries in Europe.

It was sent from France, but I don't mind it. This card makes a great addition to my collection.:)

2nd Ontario/Toronto Meet-up

I received this great card of the Ontario/Toronto meet-up with the signatures of the participants: renegade-cavalcade, blind-melonette, Taxingwoman and cawindt. Thanks to all of you!
I absolutely love this card. It's soooooo adorable. Thank you so much Marie for thinking of me and sending me this cuuuute card!

Since we had another winter storm this week-end and we've gotten a lot of snow again, these cuties would feel quite at home right here now, lol. It's been crazy here, because we don't get a lot of snow here at all and this is the 3rd storm this winter. I must admit, I took a peek outside tonite and the snow is really lovely, the way it's glistening in the moon light and covering the trees and blanketing everything. Such a quiet, peaceful feeling!! But tomorrow it will be time to shovel the car out and so on, which isn't so much fun.
It was nice to be able to stay inside and not have to worry about going out for 2 days and just relax some and update and scan postcards and watch some movies. But tomorrow it's back to work.

Friday, February 5, 2010

New York City, NY

Here is a card a little closer to home. It's from the January RR.

This great view is of Central Park in New York City in the fall. Central Park covers 843 acres and it's located in the center of Manhattan. It has 25 million visitors annually.
I love NYC and hope to go back again some day soon!
Thank you so much Katie for sending this awesome card.


This awesome card is from the December Round Robin.

I love these Turkish Tiles. They remind me a lot of the ones in Morocco. I love all the colors and detail. And in the middle it shows the map of Turkey, which I love map cards. So, it's like a 2 in 1 card. Gorgeous tiles and a map.
Thank you so much to Gokche for this awesome card!

Happy New Year from Russia

I received this cool card from a Round Robin. I know that I'm about a month late posting this card, but it's such an awesome card, so I wanted to post it, even though a bit late.

This adorable New Year's card came from Russia. I love it and I can just imagine when this cat wakes up, he's going to have a big hangover. LOL!
Thank you to daarhon for this awesome card!

Really cool stamps! Love those bears!

Moomin Birthday

This great Moomin Birthday card came last month and I love it and it's another one for my very small, but growing Moomin collection. I think they're so cute!

The card says: "Today you may open the presents and very many happy returns." I love it and it made me very happy to receive this card. Thank you so much to AKS for sending me this cute card!

Aslo, a cool Moomin Papa stamp. Love it!

St. Peterburg, Russia

Another great card from one of the Round Robins.

This is the famous 'Church of Resurrection', also known as 'The Church of our Saviour of spilled blood' in St. Petersburg. The church was built between 1883 to 1907.

I absolutely love this card and all the great colors adorning this church. It's fantastic!
Thank you Kaurry for sending this wonderful card.


I've joined some Round Robins these last 2 months and I've been enjoying getting all kinds of wonderful cards from all over the world. It's great fun and I love it!

This gorgeous card is a UNESCO site from China of the Samantabhadra's Elephant. It's an awesome sight and it would be so amazing to see it in person. I absolutely love this card. Many thanks to Nommy for sending it.