Sunday, February 7, 2010

2nd Ontario/Toronto Meet-up

I received this great card of the Ontario/Toronto meet-up with the signatures of the participants: renegade-cavalcade, blind-melonette, Taxingwoman and cawindt. Thanks to all of you!
I absolutely love this card. It's soooooo adorable. Thank you so much Marie for thinking of me and sending me this cuuuute card!

Since we had another winter storm this week-end and we've gotten a lot of snow again, these cuties would feel quite at home right here now, lol. It's been crazy here, because we don't get a lot of snow here at all and this is the 3rd storm this winter. I must admit, I took a peek outside tonite and the snow is really lovely, the way it's glistening in the moon light and covering the trees and blanketing everything. Such a quiet, peaceful feeling!! But tomorrow it will be time to shovel the car out and so on, which isn't so much fun.
It was nice to be able to stay inside and not have to worry about going out for 2 days and just relax some and update and scan postcards and watch some movies. But tomorrow it's back to work.

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