Friday, March 27, 2009

From the 'GTKY' girls

Lyan of Malaysia from the 'GTKY' gang sent me this gorgeous
card of the Federal Territory Mosque.
It's set on a 13.4-hectacre landscaped garden
and it has 22 domes with the main one measuring
30 meters in diameter and rising 45 meters
from the ground level. It's the biggest mosque
in Malaysia, located in Kuala Lumpur
Thank you Lyan. It's absolutely breathtaking.
This one is from Kriszti, one of our newer
girls to the 'GTKY' thread. She went to Scotland
this past week-end and sent me this beautiful
card of Urquhart Castle at Loch Ness.
Imagine somewhere in those waters roams
'Nessie' lol.
I really love this card! Thank you so much

My first card from Korea

Another official card that I received yesterday.
This one is from a military wife in Korea and
my very first one from there and I was really
happy to receive this one. I shows the Beopjusa
Temple in South Korea.
I think this is an awesome addition to my collection.

That one is fun

I received this one yesterday too and it's an
official one from a postcrosser in Yonkers, NY.
I think this is a real fun card and I love it.

An adorable swap

This adorable card came yesterday. It was a swap with someone in Germany. I just love those giraffes and it says:

"One can never get enough love"

That is soooooo true!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Love for Bears

This Finnish bear is from hadassah a friend from the 'GTKY' gang. She knows that I love bears and sent me this cutie. Thank you Essi.

This Estonian bear is from Katy, another friend from the 'GTKY' gang, who also knows how much I love bears. This bear lives in an animal park called Elistvere Naturepark. Thank you Katy for this cuuute card.

A Round Robin card, this one is from Zaksmom in South Dakota. It shows the 'Devils Tower' in Wyoming. I thought this one fit into the this category also.
These sweet teddies came from Nordbear in Germany and I think they are just adorable.
This card is from a Round Robin I joined. It's from msmasucc from Michigan. She didn't even know that I love bears and sent me this gorgeous card.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Starting over again

I've been collecting postcards since I was a kid, but due to a lot of moving in the recent years, the majority of them got lost and I'm really sad about it, but I found out about postcrossing about 6 months ago and joined and I'm starting my collection again.

The postcard here was the first official one that I received and it's from Singapore and I love it. I have really enjoyed being on postcrossing and receiving quite a few postcards so far and also going on the forum and getting involved in tags and round robins, which added some more cards to my collection.

The best thing I've found other than getting all kinds of beautiful and interesting cards, are some of the friends I have made there in the past few months and they've really grown very special to me.

I will show some more postcards here, that I already have and hope to share many more beautiful postcards, that I'll receive.