Saturday, September 12, 2009

International Postcrossing Meeting in Helsinki

This is the great card I received from octabis of the International Postcrossing Meeting in Helsinki. I was so excited and happy to find this card in my mailbox.
Thank you so very very much Valerie for thinking of me. I love it!

It would be an awesome experience to be able to attend one of these meetings and meet so many postcrossers in person. Maybe some day!!!!

Here are the signatures of some of the participants who attended this great get-together.
Thank you to all! It's just great and means so much to me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's PFF again!

It's Friday and I have some more beautiful postcards I want to post for PFF. Some of the girls from the 'GTKY' thread sent me these from their travels this summer. Some really awesome places.

This one, I received from octabis. She traveled all over Scandinavia this summer and sent me this gorgeous card from Norway. It's the Geirangerfjord towards "The Pulpit" on the left and the waterfall "The Seven Sisters".

It's a fantastic view and such beautiful country. Would love to experience this breathtaking view some day myself.
Thank you Valerie for thinking of me! I love this card.

I just love this stamp. Really pretty.

Another card from Norway. This one is of Oslo, the capital city of Norway. Ula was lucky enough to spend some time there this summer and sent me this beautiful card. I love it!
Thank you so much Ula!

Absolutely love those stamps. They're gorgeous and especially love the colorful fish. Ula sent it from her home in Poland, after she got back from her trip, in case someone is wondering.

This fantastic map card is of Taiwan. Licia was invited there this summer by a friend and she sent me this great card. It's really awesome.

This card also had this great stamp on it. Very detailed.

Licia also took a trip to Shei-Pa (it's part of the 'Snow Mountain' in Taiwan.) Shei-Pa is over 2000 meters in height. There is where you can find this unique species of bears, the Formosan Black Bear. Formosa means Taiwan.
Thank so very much for the adorable bear card and thinking of me and my love for bears. Miss seeing you around on the thread.

The card also had this cute postmark. I just love it! It's really awesome. Thanks Licia.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday

I've been so busy and have had a lot going on these last 2 months and totally neglected my blog here, because of lack of time. Got lots of cards to post, but since today is Friday, I want to put some special cards here from my 'GTKY' friends. These are only a few, that I received from the girls. So, if you don't see your card, I will surely post it in the future for PFF.

Hong Kong

This first one is from Hong Kong from one of the girls from the 'GTKY' gang. She met up with one of the girls there and they had a wonderful time. I'd love to go there some day too and see all the neon lights and shop and explore the culture and most of all to meet one of the girls. That would be awesome.
Thanks Relie and Licia for the great card. It's gorgeous!

This are the stamps that was on the card. One already printed onto the card and a great bird one added.

Budva, Montenegro

This beautiful card came from my dear friend Ana. She came here to Budva in Montenegro on her vacation, that she was in desperate need of. I know it helped her a lot to just get away from it all for a while. I know that everybody needs that some time in their life and I'm very happy that she got this change to enjoy herself and relax and still thought of me to send me this wonderful card. Of course this is my first one from Montenegro and a great addition to my collection.
Thank you my dear friend. You're the best! I love it!

Also some really cool stamps on the card and a very legible postmark. Wonderful!

Haapsalu, Estonia

This great card is from Katy and Kriszti, when they had their mini-meeting in Haapsalu, Estonia. They had a really great time together and were very thoughtful and sent me this card from there. It meant a lot. Thank you so much girls.

Here is a great stamp too of the estonian flag. Very nice! Great postmark too!