Friday, September 11, 2009

It's PFF again!

It's Friday and I have some more beautiful postcards I want to post for PFF. Some of the girls from the 'GTKY' thread sent me these from their travels this summer. Some really awesome places.

This one, I received from octabis. She traveled all over Scandinavia this summer and sent me this gorgeous card from Norway. It's the Geirangerfjord towards "The Pulpit" on the left and the waterfall "The Seven Sisters".

It's a fantastic view and such beautiful country. Would love to experience this breathtaking view some day myself.
Thank you Valerie for thinking of me! I love this card.

I just love this stamp. Really pretty.

Another card from Norway. This one is of Oslo, the capital city of Norway. Ula was lucky enough to spend some time there this summer and sent me this beautiful card. I love it!
Thank you so much Ula!

Absolutely love those stamps. They're gorgeous and especially love the colorful fish. Ula sent it from her home in Poland, after she got back from her trip, in case someone is wondering.

This fantastic map card is of Taiwan. Licia was invited there this summer by a friend and she sent me this great card. It's really awesome.

This card also had this great stamp on it. Very detailed.

Licia also took a trip to Shei-Pa (it's part of the 'Snow Mountain' in Taiwan.) Shei-Pa is over 2000 meters in height. There is where you can find this unique species of bears, the Formosan Black Bear. Formosa means Taiwan.
Thank so very much for the adorable bear card and thinking of me and my love for bears. Miss seeing you around on the thread.

The card also had this cute postmark. I just love it! It's really awesome. Thanks Licia.

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