Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holland or The Netherlands

It has been a week already again since my last post, wow!  Where has the week gone?  
Well I did write some cards and even some letters.  Made my first envelopes and did some crocheting.

Anyways, let me get to this awesome card.  This was in my favorites.
I just looove this card.  It's so adorable, and typical Dutch.
Thank you so very much to Marleen  for this cute card of traditional  Dutch costumes.
It was for the December Round Robin.

Lots of great colorful stamps and on the left is a Christmas stamp.  The colors of it don't come across very well on the scan.  The shiny gold border isn't as visible.

New Hampshire, The Granite State

Yeah, another new map card for my collection, but I still have a long ways to go until I have one from every state.  This card is also my 1st one of New Hampshire.  
I love this one.  It's a great one showing the animals and some great sport opportunities in NH.
A big thank you goes out to Lori sending this awesome card for the NA July Round Robin for 2009.  Wow, time flies, that was a year ago.  I'm sooooo far behind with scanning my cards.  I don't actually have a certain order I scan them by either.  Not very organized I know.

Dresden, Germany

This is an official card DE-557284 from Germany.
A beautiful night view of Dresden's Catholic Cathedral called the 'Hofkirche.' It is the capital city of Saxony and lies on the river Elbe, not too far away from the Czech border.
On the front of the card it says:  'Dresden, nightly steamboats on parade'.  I think it's a lovely view, I like all the lights and the way the clouds look in the sky.
Vielen Dank Fred fuer die schoene Karte..  

The stamp shows the Post Tower in Bonn and a nice clear postmark.

Hello Kitty in Hawaii

Love 'Hello Kitty' and this card is especially fun.  Hello Kitty in Hawaii with a lei and hula skirt, how cuuuute! And she really got a good tan while staying there!;)
Thank you so much to tobiejonzerelli  for this awesome card.  It was for one of the Big Groups Round Robins.