Saturday, March 31, 2012


I received this cool map card for the NA March RR.
 I love map cards and this one is perfect for this
month for St. Patrick's Day.

Thank you M_Corbett for the cool card.
I love it!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Black Bear

How cute is this guy?  I love bears and he is adorable.
This is a big black bear.  
The card on the back says, that he pauses in a river and is patiently waiting for another fishing opportunity.  
Needing to gain weight before winter hibernation, these generally non-aggressive bears can become dangerous and ornery, especially as they remain in areas increasingly frequented and populated by human beings.
Many years ago, when driving on a back road in the country at night, I saw one crossing the road. 
Hard to believe!

Cincinnati, Ohio

This is such a beautiful night view of Cincinnati's skyline.
I love the full moon and all the lights.  So pretty!
Thank you to Veeder for sending me this gorgeous card
for the NA February Round Robin.

New Jersey

Yeah, an Idea Man map card!!!
I love map cards and this one was in my favorites 
and thanks to Janila it is now in my collection.
She sent it to me for the NA Feb. Round Robin.

Postage Stamp of the Ivory Coast

I received this awesome stamp card last month for the North America January Round Robin.
I love it, especially since it is postal related.
It's a postage stamp of the Ivory Coast.
Hoping someday I'll have the actual stamp on some mail.
Thank you to Belle South for sending me this cool card.