Sunday, December 6, 2009

Savannah, Georgia

Today, (Saturday) I've been home and didn't do much of anything, other than writing some Christmas cards and sleep a looooot. I haven't felt too well lately and more specifically Thursday nite, so I felt it was better for me to just take this week-end off and try to rest. In reality I feel like I need a month and it wouldn't be enough time off for me now, but I'm just glad that I had this week-end. It was a rainy day and was supposed to turn to snow later in the afternoon as the temperature was falling, so a real perfect day just to stay inside and snuggle under a big warm blanket. Yeah, there were a few snowflakes, but nothing to get excited over.

Now, let me get to the card.

This gorgeous southern mansion called "The Chesnutt House" is in Savannah, Georgia and I was lucky enough to win this card in one of the forum lotteries. Totally awesome card with its beautiful purple clusters of wisteria draped over the upper portion of the twin coppered-roof porches. Thank you Scootin06 for the great card!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ohio, USA

Here is a real fun card, that I received being in the North America November Round Robin. I really like this one a lot and thought it would be a "good one" to show here.

No stamp for this one, since it's the usual 28 cents stamps, that everyone already seen many times.


This great map card is called "Germany the beautiful".
I agree that Germany is a very beautiful country and has some really gorgeous country sites, as you can even see on this card in the different regions.

This card here shows some of the beautiful castles of Bavaria, that were built by King Ludwig II. Of course on the top left you can see the castle of Newschwanstein with it's magnificent views. Construction began in 1869 to 1892 and it's one of the world's most known castles in Germany. On the top right, the beautiful Linderhof castle . It's architecture is a mixture of Renaissance and Baroque. The bottom left shows the castle of Herrenchiemsee, which lies on an island in Lake Chiemsee in southeastern Bavaria. It was built between 1878 and 1886 and was modeled after the Louis XIV palace in Versailles. The castle has a huge park with statutes, channels and fountains surrounding it. On the bottom right is King Ludwig II of Bavaria, also known as "The Swan King".