Sunday, November 27, 2011

European Zoo

Wow, I can't believe how time flies and I haven't been posting any cards on here in such a long time.  
I've had some problems with my scanner, I think sometimes it has a mind of its own, and I get frustrated.
Thanksgiving has come and gone here.  It was nice, but now the holiday rush is in full swing.
Anyways, glad to be back here posting some long awaited cards.

This card is simply awesome.  I had it on my favorite list and Michel in Poland was kind enough to send it to me.  I looove this card so much.
It's showing a lot of famous buildings in Europe as animals.
It's so cool!
Thank you so much Michel for sending me this card for the November 2010 RR.

He also put some fabulous stamps on the card.  I love the really colorful ones with the stars in them.

Fire Island Lighthouse

I looove lighthouses and have had the opportunity to see some of them and climb up to the top in two of them.  That was an awesome experience. 
This here is Fire Island lighthouse on Long Beach, NY.
It's 180 feet (55m) tall and began operating in 1858.
It's now in the National Register of Historical Places.
Thank you so much Christina for sending this beautiful card to me.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Here is a beautiful card of the French Quarter in New Orleans, La.  
This is Antoine's Restaurant.  It has been recognized as one of New Orlean's outstanding and elegant French restaurants since 1840.
I still hope to be able to visit this beautiful city some day.
Thank you to Heidi for the pretty card.

Hello Kitty in Paris

Hello Kitty in Paris.  I just love this card with her wearing a beret and the Eiffel tower. It's too cute!!!
I received this card from Lauren on sendsomething. Go and check it out, it's a great sight for exchanging cards.  Thank you Laura for the cute card!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dolly Dolphin at Sea World

It's been over a month already since I last posted.  I can't believe where the time has gone.  I've had a really stressful time during the last 4 weeks or so, there were days,  where I'd feel really down and depressed and didn't want to do a whole lot of anything.  Still struggling with finding a job too, which seems to go nowhere. 
I can only hope that things will get better soon and more stable.
Now to the card!!!
How cute is this card?  I loooove it!  It's not only cute, it's a puzzle card, which is totally awesome.  Perfect for me, since I love to do jigsaw puzzles and dolphins.  I was very happy when I found it in my mail box.
It was sent by Bleuey for the North America August Round Robin.  Thank you so much to Cyndy for this adorable card.
Also it's from Sea World.  I really hope that I'll get to go there some day and see everything.  That will be too cool.  

Cyndy even put a dolphin stamp on this card, which is so cute too and if you'd like to know more about how to open the card and get the puzzle pieces, you can read it on the left.

Amberg, Germany

This church is located on top of a hill in Amberg, Germany. It's called Mariahilfberg.   Every year they have a festival there for a week in the month of June, with German sausages and such good things.
The rest of the year one can enjoy a cup of coffee or nice meal in the restaurant, that's right beside the church and overlooks the town.

Here is one of the German flower stamps and a great clear postmark.


I love finding map cards in my mail box.  They're just so much fun.  
This one is a map of the state of Indiana.  
It was sent to me for the North America June Round Robin.  Thank you so much Vicky for the awesome card. 
Here are a few facts about this great state.  It's nicknamed 'The Hoosier State'.
The state bird is the cardinal, same as in Virginia.  
The state flower is the peony.
It's state capital is Indianapolis, which you probably heard of, because of the big Indianapolis 500 raceway.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holland or The Netherlands

It has been a week already again since my last post, wow!  Where has the week gone?  
Well I did write some cards and even some letters.  Made my first envelopes and did some crocheting.

Anyways, let me get to this awesome card.  This was in my favorites.
I just looove this card.  It's so adorable, and typical Dutch.
Thank you so very much to Marleen  for this cute card of traditional  Dutch costumes.
It was for the December Round Robin.

Lots of great colorful stamps and on the left is a Christmas stamp.  The colors of it don't come across very well on the scan.  The shiny gold border isn't as visible.

New Hampshire, The Granite State

Yeah, another new map card for my collection, but I still have a long ways to go until I have one from every state.  This card is also my 1st one of New Hampshire.  
I love this one.  It's a great one showing the animals and some great sport opportunities in NH.
A big thank you goes out to Lori sending this awesome card for the NA July Round Robin for 2009.  Wow, time flies, that was a year ago.  I'm sooooo far behind with scanning my cards.  I don't actually have a certain order I scan them by either.  Not very organized I know.

Dresden, Germany

This is an official card DE-557284 from Germany.
A beautiful night view of Dresden's Catholic Cathedral called the 'Hofkirche.' It is the capital city of Saxony and lies on the river Elbe, not too far away from the Czech border.
On the front of the card it says:  'Dresden, nightly steamboats on parade'.  I think it's a lovely view, I like all the lights and the way the clouds look in the sky.
Vielen Dank Fred fuer die schoene Karte..  

The stamp shows the Post Tower in Bonn and a nice clear postmark.

Hello Kitty in Hawaii

Love 'Hello Kitty' and this card is especially fun.  Hello Kitty in Hawaii with a lei and hula skirt, how cuuuute! And she really got a good tan while staying there!;)
Thank you so much to tobiejonzerelli  for this awesome card.  It was for one of the Big Groups Round Robins.  

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Germany's Northern Lights

I can't believe so much time has passed since my last post.  I've been having a bit of trouble with my computer lately.  It gets too hot and cuts off.  Makes it kind of hard to scan cards, when it does that.  I'm not totally sure why this happens??  Still on the hunt for a job too, so taking a lot of time to look at the different job sights and filling out applications, but no response.  It gets me quite discouraged at times and depressed, and  then I don't feel like doing a whole lot of anything.  I'm trying to keep my hopes up and stay positive, but it's pretty difficult to do, when one is feeling down.  Anyway enough rambling about that now and on to the cards.

I love light houses and this card is absolutely awesome.  It brought a big smile to my face when I found it in my mail box.  It's just a great card showing all the light houses of Germany's North and East Coast.  
I really love this card.  It came from the Postcrossing Meeting in Berlin on 05-21-11.
So it has loads of signatures on it too, which makes it even more special to me.  
Thank you so much to Mausbaer47 from Germany who sent me this awesome card as part of the Big Groups Round Robin and all others who signed the card.   Danke schoen!!!

Real pretty flowery stamps, but too bad, they didn't get postmarked.  I guess they somehow got by the machine.


Love, love, love map cards and this one is a real fun one:)
It's called  "The True Map Of North America"
In this card the state of Alabama pretty much took over the whole country.  Gotta love it!
A big 'Thank You' goes to Zeroday for sending me this awesome map card for the NA April RR.
I looove it!

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Patio do Colegio is the historical Jesuit church and school in Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil.  
This great card was sent by Tarcisio for the January RR 2011.  He always sends such beautiful cards and I thought it was time to post another one.
Thank you for the nice card!

Some nice colorful stamps.  I really like the big one on the left with all the details.  Awesome!

Sierra Nevada Animals

This is an official card I received almost 2 years ago.  US-462263.
All those great animals can be found in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.
Pictured are a black bear (my favorite), a mountain lion, a deer, a fox, a bobcat, a chipmunk, a marmot,  a raccoon and a coyote.  I think they're all great and I love the card and wanted to share it.  
A big 'thank you' goes out to Eleanor for sending this cool card.

Monday, June 6, 2011

California Treasure Map

This is such an awesome map card of the California Treasures.  Back in the year 1848 is when the California Gold Rush began.  People came from all over hoping to strike it rich.  
Now, some people come to California hoping to make it big in movies.
Most people come for the sun and fun and all the attractions.
I received this cool card from Silencedogwood for the North America April Round Robin.
Many thanks Debbie!

The postage for postcards within the US is 29 cents now.  Here is one of the new stamps and a really great postmark.  Just wanted to show that!

Bangkok, Thailand

TH - 24802 an official postcrossing card from Thailand.
Love this beautiful night view of Bangkok, Thailand.  
The card shows Wat Phra Keo, a very important temple for Thai people.  
I love the Asian architecture, the beautiful shape of the roofs and towers.  Amazing!

This beautiful stamp shows a long sandy white beach.

Hello Kitty From Japan

Yeah, a new 'Hello Kitty' card!  I love them!  She's so cute!!!
The card says "Congratulations".
It was sent to me by Yummy from Japan for the January RR.
Thank you so much Yumi.

She also used a 'Hello Kitty" stamp.  So cute!  Love both of the stamps!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yoohoo, another Nouvelles Images card.  I love these cards! 
 This one is of a variety of jams in their different jars.  Yummy!
I used to can vegetables and tomatoes when we had a garden,  but never tried to make jam.  
This awesome card was sent to me by Muldj01 from the Netherlands for the January RR.
Thank you so much Jose.
Sorry, I had a bit of a problem with the scanning.

Some really cool stamps on this one.  I love them all!

German Clock Route

This map card is of the 'German Clock Route' in the Black Forest.  
It's about 320 km long.  On this route you'll find museums related to clocks and of course many clock factories.  I'd love to go and see all the fascinating clocks and beautiful scenery and maybe even buy a nice cuckoo clock to bring home.
Thank you to Violet from Germany, who sent me this cool card for the January RR.

Nice big stamp.  Looking at it makes me hungry for strawberry short cake.  

Fun Card from France

This is such a fun card.  "Where is the gardener?"  Can you find him?
This is my first card like this and I love it!
It came from Perfecta for the January RR.
Thank you so much Marion.

Nice stamp on the card and the automated postmark. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Got to show at least one map card.  I just love them.  This one here is really cool, because it has a map and also some pictures of Romania on the right side.  The shape of the country is the color of the Romanian flag.  On the bottom middle you can see it's capital city Bucharest, which that is where the card was sent from.
Thank you so much for the awesome card Violeta.  She sent it to me for the January RR.

Some cool stamps 
and a very clear postmark.  

St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York

St. Patrick's Cathedral on New York's 5th Avenue is a must-see, when you're there.  It's the largest decorated gothic style Catholic cathedral in North America.  
We went to see it  years ago and lit a candle.  The experience was really spiritual somehow.
I remember us sitting on those very steps in front, because we were so tired from all the walking around the city.  It was worth it though.  Had so much fun. 
A big 'thank you' goes out to Squirrelsohno for sending me this beautiful card for the North America April Round Robin.  

Teddy bears

Loooove teddy bears!!!
I got bears sitting around all over the house in all sizes.  They're just so adorable.
These cuties came from The Netherlands for the January Round Robin, which also was my birthday month, so Martine sent me these adorable guys.  Thank you so much for this lovely card.

Here are the 3 stamps that was on the card.  Quite colorful!  Very nice!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

South Africa

I've been having some problems with my scanner these last few days, which made it a bit frustrating and very time consuming trying to get a few cards scanned.  Finally I do have a few new ones to show here.
I love, love this card!  It's an awesome map card, which are among my favorites.
I especially love all the fun characters on it.
A big thank you goes out to Alison, who sent me this great card for the January RR. 

A great Airmail Postcard stamp with and readable postmark, yoohoo!!!

Siena, Italy

This beautiful card of the Cathedral and Municipal Palace in Siena came from Emeraldmist, who was visiting there this spring.  How lucky!!!  What a great historical city.
She brought a lot of cards back and sent me this great one for the North American March Round Robin.   Thank you so much Corinne. 

Russian Matreshka Dolls

I think this card with the Matreshka Dolls is so beautiful.  I love them!
It shows the museum in Moscow where you can see these beautiful Russian traditional nesting dolls. 
The dolls shown here are part of the exhibition and were made in 2003.  
I'd love to visit there!
Thank you so much to Kate for sending me this card from my favorites for the January RR.  

I love the Russian stamps.  They're so beutifully detailed and colorful.


This is a new Moomin card for my collection.  I always love receiving them.  They're so cuuute!!!
This one was sent to me by nediam-nori for the January RR.  
I love it!  Many thanks to Suvi for this adorable card.

It also had this great Moomin stamp.  So cute!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

It's been a loooong time since I posted some cards here.  I really missed it.  
In the last 3 months I had to stay in the hospital twice.  I was very sick and almost didn't make it.  It was really scary and it makes one think about a lot of things.  
So, I've been home trying to regain my strength and hopefully get back to normal.  I'm slowly getting there.
Now that I have my scanner hooked up again I can post some cards.  I have so maaany, I think it would take me months to get them all scanned.  
Since today is Easter, I wanted to post these cute Easter Bunnies.  I actually bought this card, so it wasn't sent to me, but I wanted to show it here, because I think it's adorable.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter day with their families and friends with lots of eggs and of course CHOCOLATE...........