Saturday, December 25, 2010

Napapiiri, Arctic Circle, Finland

I want to wish every one a very Merry Christmas!
My Christmas this year was great, since it was the first time in 4 years I didn't have to work.  I was able to enjoy Christmas eve and today with my loved ones and of course the highlight of the day, seeing my grandkids eyes light up and taking part in their excitement after Santa came.  It was wonderful and such a joy!

I received some beautiful Christmas cards this year, but since I've been way too busy with things and I'm way behind with getting my cards scanned, shame on me, I don't have any of them to show yet.  
I received this gorgeous card for the September Round Robin.  It's a real special card from the 'Postcards story event in Haemeenlinna, Finland.
This beautiful arctic card was sent to me by erjamaarit of Finland.  It has loads of signatures on it from all the participants at the meet-up.  It's always exciting to get a card from one of these events and I hope that some day I'll maybe be able to take part in such an event and meet some other postcrossers.  
A big thank you goes out to Erja for this gorgeous card.

A really special postmark on this card of the meeting and awesome stamp too!  Love it!

Nouvelles Images

Yoohoo, grin, 3 Nouvelles Images cards in one envelope.  It was like Christmas finding them in my mail box.  I loooove them!
I was so happy to get them.

This one was for the November Alternative Round Robin from Miss Maple.  Since pink just happens to be my favorite color, this is a perfect card for me and a Nouelles Images on top of that, wow.  Gotta love it!  
Thank you so much Saskia for listening to Andy and choosing this card for me.  I loooove it!

This one of  'The Cats'  was also for the November Alternative Round Robin from Duplevista.  He's the host of these Round Robins and he's doing a fantastic job.  One thing about joining these RR's, they become quite addicting, but they're so much fun and it's a great group of people participating.  Back to the card, of course I love this one with all the different cats.  Soooo cuuuute!
A big thank you goes out to Andy.

This is called 'The small breakfast'.  Looks yummy and all those cute utensils and coffee pots and things.  So cool!  These are awesome cards.  This one is for the October Alternative Round Robin, sent by Miss Maple.  Thank you so much Saskia.  
All 3 of these cards are awesome additons to my collection.
I love them all!!!! 

The envelope was sent from The Netherlands and it has a clear readable postmark.

Suzdal, Russia

Here you can see a typical view of one of the small towns in Russia.  This is Suzdal and it's a popular tourist destination. I love the architecture of the buildings and churches there and the town covered in snow.  It's snowing here right now.  So, we actually got some snow for Christmas, which is rare here.   I received this beautiful card for the October Alernative Round Robin.  Thank you so much Galina for the beautiful view.  

The stamps are really great and always so detailed.  I love the Russian stamps!

Ohio, USA

I'm always happy to find map cards in my mail box.  They're so cool and so much fun and quite informative too.  I still have a long way to go to get one from each state of the US and of course many countries, but I got a good start and love everyone I receive.
This map card of Ohio, nicknamed 'The Buckeye State' came from tanya 1138 for the North American October Round Robin.  
Thank you so much Tanya.
It's an illustration by Ideaman.  I really like them a lot!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Matreshka Dolls from Russia

Where does the time go?  I can't believe it's been several weeks, since I've posted some cards here.  I just stay so busy with everything and I've got so much going on, it totally overwhelms me.  Sometimes I really don't know how to deal with it all.  And on top of it, Christmas being less than a week away.  I got all the presents bought, that I need to get.  Still have to get them wrapped.  
Also, I've joined several Round Robins this month and already received some absolutely beautiful cards.  I still have to write a few more and get them out too.  I've received some gorgeous Christmas cards too!  As usual I'm way behind with getting my cards scanned.  There just doesn't seem to be enough time in a day to get everything done, that I'd like to do.  Hopefully in the New Year, I'll get myself more organized and get caught up on getting my cards sorted and scanned and so on. 

And now to the cards!!

 I just love these Babushka dolls.  I've been wanting a card of them for a long time.  This beautiful card was sent to me by Kaurry from Russia for the November Alternative RR.  
This card is special in 2 ways, one,  it's a card I've been wanting and two, it's from the Moscow Postcrossing Meeting with a lot of signatures of the participants.  I love it!  
A big thank you goes out to Olga for sending me this gorgeous card!  

The Russian stamps are always so beautiful.  I just love the colors and detailed pictures.  So pretty!

Alsatian Flavors

I absolutely love the Nouvelles Images cards.  They have become one of my favorites and every time I find one in my mail box it just makes my day.  
This one of the Alsatian Flavors came from Tiffie in the Netherlands for the October Alternative RR.  It's just adorable and I'd love to try some of these different looking delicious baked goods.  They all look so yummy!  
Love this card and a big thank you goes to Tiffany for sending it my way!

A very clear postmark from Amsterdam with a nice stamp of a heart shaped world.  

Cat making dinner

Loooove this card.  It was in my favorites for a long time and thanks to Taavi from Germany, it's now in my collection.  This is such a cool card.  I think it's just adorable and surely if a cat had this chance, it would go for it lol.  
Thank you Claudia for taking the time to go through my favorites and sending me this awesome card for the October Alternative RR.
Vielen lieben Dank.:)

Very nice stamps, especially the one on the right, such a detailed picture.


This awesome map card from Australia was sent to me by Aussiebear for the September RR.   I looove it and all the cute characters on the card.  Such a fun card and a great addition to my map card collection.  Thank you so very much Alison!

Unfortunately the stamp was a bit destroyed on the way to me.


Love lighthouses and I received this beautiful panoramic lighthouse card from Miss Maple for the September RR.  They are from the original driftwood paintings by Martin Wiscombe.  I really love this card and I want to thank Saskia for sending it to me!

These great stamps were on the card.  I especially love the seal one.  So cute!!!