Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cat making dinner

Loooove this card.  It was in my favorites for a long time and thanks to Taavi from Germany, it's now in my collection.  This is such a cool card.  I think it's just adorable and surely if a cat had this chance, it would go for it lol.  
Thank you Claudia for taking the time to go through my favorites and sending me this awesome card for the October Alternative RR.
Vielen lieben Dank.:)

Very nice stamps, especially the one on the right, such a detailed picture.


  1. ha ha ha ha haa Kimiiiiiiiiiiiiii there you are!! Bad bad bad boy :P Im pretty sure Foxy is preparing some spices in the background :D :P

    thats a fantastic card! will have to add it to my favourites too.....just LOVE it!!

  2. Ha, ha, ha, ha, now Ana, you know Kimi wouldn't do that(angel) and Foxy helping lol!!!
    I love it!!!!;)