Sunday, December 19, 2010

Alsatian Flavors

I absolutely love the Nouvelles Images cards.  They have become one of my favorites and every time I find one in my mail box it just makes my day.  
This one of the Alsatian Flavors came from Tiffie in the Netherlands for the October Alternative RR.  It's just adorable and I'd love to try some of these different looking delicious baked goods.  They all look so yummy!  
Love this card and a big thank you goes to Tiffany for sending it my way!

A very clear postmark from Amsterdam with a nice stamp of a heart shaped world.  


  1. that's such a lovely NI!! I dont see this one so often around.

    *envy envy envy*! :P

  2. Ana, thanks for your great comments! I love them! Really made me laugh! Hugs to you!!!