Sunday, November 27, 2011

European Zoo

Wow, I can't believe how time flies and I haven't been posting any cards on here in such a long time.  
I've had some problems with my scanner, I think sometimes it has a mind of its own, and I get frustrated.
Thanksgiving has come and gone here.  It was nice, but now the holiday rush is in full swing.
Anyways, glad to be back here posting some long awaited cards.

This card is simply awesome.  I had it on my favorite list and Michel in Poland was kind enough to send it to me.  I looove this card so much.
It's showing a lot of famous buildings in Europe as animals.
It's so cool!
Thank you so much Michel for sending me this card for the November 2010 RR.

He also put some fabulous stamps on the card.  I love the really colorful ones with the stars in them.

Fire Island Lighthouse

I looove lighthouses and have had the opportunity to see some of them and climb up to the top in two of them.  That was an awesome experience. 
This here is Fire Island lighthouse on Long Beach, NY.
It's 180 feet (55m) tall and began operating in 1858.
It's now in the National Register of Historical Places.
Thank you so much Christina for sending this beautiful card to me.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Here is a beautiful card of the French Quarter in New Orleans, La.  
This is Antoine's Restaurant.  It has been recognized as one of New Orlean's outstanding and elegant French restaurants since 1840.
I still hope to be able to visit this beautiful city some day.
Thank you to Heidi for the pretty card.

Hello Kitty in Paris

Hello Kitty in Paris.  I just love this card with her wearing a beret and the Eiffel tower. It's too cute!!!
I received this card from Lauren on sendsomething. Go and check it out, it's a great sight for exchanging cards.  Thank you Laura for the cute card!