Sunday, September 12, 2010

"A Passion for Chocolates"

Yummy chocolates!!! I was so happy to find all these sweets in my mail box. I absolutely love this card with all those delicious goodies. This is my 2nd Nouvelles Images card. They're so awesome and this one in particular. Who could resist one of these yummy treats? I think I have to search my cupboards for some chocolate now, lol !!! Fantastic card!

A big 'Thank you' goes out to Marleen in the Netherlands for sending me this awesome card for the August RR.

Love those colorful fun stamps. They're great!!!

Knut, Berlin, Germany

I've been wanting a card of this little adorable guy for such a long time and thanks to Michaela I have one now. Yeaaaah !!!! I used to see him on TV and heard so much about him and I think he's sooooo sweet and adorable. Can't help but love him!!!

He was born at the Berlin Zoo on December 5th, 2006 and since he was rejected by his mother at birth, the zookeepers raised him. He's so well known and I remember, that they had a song about him too.
According to Wikipedia, he became a huge tourist attraction and increased zoo attendance by 30%. "Knutmania" was born.

Vielen lieben Dank to Michaela for sending me this adorable card for the April RR.

And such a cute 'Knut' stamp too. I love it!

Vormsi, Estonia

This beautiful lighthouse is in Vormsi, Estonia. I love this view and the beach. It looks so inviting to take a nice stroll along the water's edge enjoying the fresh air and nature.

Here is a little bit of information from the back of the card. The lighthouse is located on Vormsi Island. The height from the bottom is 24 m and the light altitude is 27 m.
The cast iron tower (1871), prefabricated in Lithuania, replaced a tower manufactured in England in 1864.

I received this beautiful card for the April RR. Thank you Janek for this lovely card!

Love the lighthouse stamps and they also show the location on the map. Beautiful and informative at the same time!


I received this vintage reprint camel card for the July RR and I love it! It's an awesome card. It was sent from Switzerland by Zasa. Vielen lieben Dank Sara fuer die tolle Karte.

Also some very nice stamps. The Albert Anker stamp is a Sondermarke, which means a special edition stamp, I think??? Getting all these beautiful stamps on the cards makes me want to get back into stamp collecting, but I think it's difficult to remove the stamps without damaging the cards and somehow it will take the uniqueness away from the cards too. Therefore, I like to keep them on the card to admire.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Little Prince

Finally Friday and another work week behind me. These last weeks have been quite stressful at work for some reason.

How about this awesome card. I wanted to get a 'Little Prince' card for the longest time and "yoohoo" here it is. I was so happy to receive my very first one. Christine from Germany was so kind and sent me this one for the June RR. I loooooove this card and hope it's going to be one of many. Christine, vielen lieben Dank fuer die tolle Karte.
The card reads: 'All big people (or grown-ups) were children at one time'.

The stamp looks like it's from a children's story called 'Selmo Lagerloef'. Nice one!


I received this gorgeous map card from Belgium for the June RR. I love it and I just love map cards and this one is an awesome addition to my growing collection.
Thank you so much to Raquel for sending it to me.

A couple of cool bird stamps, which one I couldn't get scanned along with these, and the beautiful yellow flower.

Giraffes and Ostriches

Looooove this card. It's such a cool card I think and it brought a big smile to my face when I found it in my mail box. It came from Nathalie in the Netherlands. She took the time to search through my favorites and sent me this awesome card for the July RR. Thank you soooo much Nathalie. I love this card:)

The stamps are pretty cool too and this one is clearly postmarked:)

County Cork, Ireland

This is a small village in County Cork located in the South of Ireland, where you often can find such houses in different colors. I just love all those colorful houses, especially the pink one lol.
A big thank you to Claudia, who sent me this great card for the August RR.

An awesome stamp on the card, but it wasn't postmarked. I notice that lately, that I've gotten quite a few cards without a postmark.