Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cities of Poland

The week-end is already half gone again and it seems like that it took forever to get here.  Such a long week, even though we had our Thanksgiving holiday this past Thursday, but I had to work.  Still had turkey and all the goodies to go along with it, yummy!!!  And now there are a lot of  leftovers to eat.  
Now to the card!  How cool is this card?  I love it and it has become one of my favorites in my collection and it's  also my first round card.  It's gorgeous and shows different cities in Poland and the country seal in the middle.  Fantastic card, even though I didn't do a real good job of scanning it! 
A huge 'Thank you' goes to Likaa for sending it to me for the November Alternative Round Robin #1.  

Great stamps and a really clear postmark, which is always nice. 

The Flavors of Morocco

Yeeeeah, another Nouvelles Images card.  I love them and my collection is slowly growing. :)  This one is even more special to me, since I'm quite familiar with the items on the card.  Couscous, on the top of the card used to be served about every Friday and I loved all the great baked goods you see on the bottom.  
A special big 'Thank you' goes out to Sheila for sending me this awesome card as part of the September Round Robin. 

Love this stamp on this card.  Sooo cute!!!


I love map cards and this one of Switzerland and all the seals of each state surrounding it,  is really an awesome one. I love this card and I want to thank Zasa for sending it to me for the August Round Robin.  

Nice stamps, I especially like the real colorful one on the right.  I think that it says 'World of the circus in Geneva 2010'.

Saaremaa, Estonia

Kiipsaare lighthouse is located on the north west coast of Saaremaa Island, which is the largest island in Estonia.  The lighthouse is inactive now, due to wave erosion. The basement of the tower has been severely undermined and as a result it has become inclined sea ward.  
I've been wanting this card for a long time and a big 'thank you' goes out to Ella for sending it to me for the September RR.  I love this card. 

The card has some really beautiful stamps.  The one on the right has a really pretty golden background, which  can't be seen very well here.  The one on the left is a great lighthouse stamp.  Love them both!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Belgrade, Serbia

Well, another week-end is over.  I slept off and on, I guess I needed it, catching up on my rest.  Also this week-end I went to a postcard show here in Richmond, which was really fun and very interesting.  There is more about it here.
Now about the card.  My dear friend Ana took a recent trip to Belgrade and sent me this gorgeous card.  Thank you so very much Ana for thinking of me.
I loooove this card and it's also my 1st card from there.  Yeeeaaah, a new country!!!
This is Kalemegdan Fortress. The back of the card says,  it's one of the biggest preserved medieval fortresses in Europe. Favorite Belgrade Park area with a lot of cultural, historical and sports facilities and events, as well as clubs and restaurants.  CharlesVI (KarloVI) gate was raised in 18th century, in the honor of the Austrian Emperor, conqueror of Belgrade against Ottoman Empire. 

The stamp is very beautiful..

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

This cool map card of Marta's Vineyard came from Silencedogwood for the North American November Round Robin.  A great addition to my map card collection.  Thank you so very much Debbie for sending it.
Martha's Vineyard is an island located 4 miles of the the southwest coast of Cape Cod.  It's a popular tourist destination.  

Grizzly Bear, Canada

Loooove this 'Did you know?' card.  Not only is it very informative and a bear too.  A perfect card for me.  It was sent to me by phuleshouse for the North America September RR.  Thank you so very much Rose for sending me this adorable, awesome card.  I love it!
The card tells all the facts about Grizzly Bears, which is great.  The maple leaves on the card are embossed.  Beautiful card!!!!

Really nice colorful stamps of different insects and the big one on the left top is 'Home Children'.  


This card of the Brazilian flag was sent to me by Tarcisio for the October Alernative Round Robin.  Love this card and it's a wonderful addition to my flag collection, which is still pretty small.  Thank you so very much Tarcisio for this great card.
The 27 star version of the Brazilian flag was adopted on May 11th, 1992. The blue disc represents a starry sky.   Each star represents a state.  "Ordem E Progresso" is the national motto, meaning order and progress.

Love the stamp with a picture of Santo Andre - SP.  Really pretty.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Maaaalta!!!  Yeah, a new country for me.  I was so excited to receive this card.  Ulpa, one of the GTKY girls was lucky to visit there this summer and she was so nice to send me this beautiful card from there.  I loooove it!  Ula writes, that the architecture there is so impressive and the villages are very charming with white house and narrow streets.  She said the sea was warm with clear water and beach with orange sand.  Sounds like a lovely place to visit.  Oh yeah, maybe some day............
The card shows Ta' Pinu Church in Gozo, which was built between 1920 and 1936.
Thank you so very much Ula for thinking of me on your vacation and sending me this lovely card! Hugs to you!

 The stamp, although upside down is showing the 'Knights of St. John'. The postmark is very visible.  

From Russia With Love

I had this card in my favorites, because I think it's a really cool card.  Not only is it a map card, but it has the colors of the Russian flag and of course the babushka dolls, which are really so nice too.
Loooove this card and mad_madchen was so nice to send it to me for the September RR.  Thank you very much Julia!

Love the stamps too.  Russia has some really nice animal stamps and so colorful.  Love that bear stamp a lot. 

Getting Around In English

What a fun card!  Getting around in English, Lesson Twenty-Two, Words You Need!
This is a totally awesome card.  I love it and definitely had to post it here.  
This card shows the use of the word "sorry" in different situations.  
I received this great card from Duplevista for the August RR.  Thank you so very much Andy for going through my favorites and sending me this card.  Andy is also the host of the Round Robins and is doing an absolutely wonderful job.  Thank you!!!

I'm sure Andy chose this stamps, because he loves cards with any kind of transportation on it and stamps too, looks like.  This really is an great looking stamp.

Teddy Bears hanging out to dry

This is such a fun card.  First of all, I love bears and this reminds me of when my daughter was about 3 years old and she had a stuffed dog, whom she took everywhere with her, so he had to get washed from time to time and got hung out to dry as these guys here.  

I received this card from Paola72 for the September RR.  Thank you so much for this adorable card.  I love it.  No stamp for this one to show, since it was mailed here in the states.