Sunday, November 14, 2010

Belgrade, Serbia

Well, another week-end is over.  I slept off and on, I guess I needed it, catching up on my rest.  Also this week-end I went to a postcard show here in Richmond, which was really fun and very interesting.  There is more about it here.
Now about the card.  My dear friend Ana took a recent trip to Belgrade and sent me this gorgeous card.  Thank you so very much Ana for thinking of me.
I loooove this card and it's also my 1st card from there.  Yeeeaaah, a new country!!!
This is Kalemegdan Fortress. The back of the card says,  it's one of the biggest preserved medieval fortresses in Europe. Favorite Belgrade Park area with a lot of cultural, historical and sports facilities and events, as well as clubs and restaurants.  CharlesVI (KarloVI) gate was raised in 18th century, in the honor of the Austrian Emperor, conqueror of Belgrade against Ottoman Empire. 

The stamp is very beautiful..

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  1. ooh, I had no idea this is your first card from im even much much much more happier to have sent it to you!! And you are more than welcome...the pleasure of sending is unexplainable :)