Friday, November 27, 2009


This is Daybreak at Pallastunturi. It's one of Lapland's famous natural and scenic attractions. The National Park has 150 000 visitors annually and is a great place for hiking or just enjoying nature's beauty.

I've had this card for a while and thought now with Thanksgiving Day being over and everything being geared toward Christmas, it was the perfect time to post it. Looking at the beautiful colors and the lovely snow covered trees puts one in the 'wintry' mood and of course the holiday spirit. Also tonite with the temperature going down to 32 F (0 degrees Celsius), reminds me of winter coming.
This card was one I received being in a Round Robin and I really love it and it's also a lot bigger than the average size cards. It's just gorgeous!


This cool card from Australia is an Official One. AU-58143
I really love this card with these cute koalas. Thank you so much Penny for this awesome card!

Koalas live in eastern Australian eucalypt forests, where they feed at dusk on the leaves of certain species. Gum leaves are low in nutrition, and Koalas spend much of the day asleep or resting in a tree fork.

This lovely nature stamp is of Russell Falls in Tasmania. Really a nice one!

Paris Postcrossing Meeting

This is a card I received from Valerie, who was the organizer of this meeting. It took place on the week-end of November 14th. Thank you so much for all, who signed my card and especially to you Val for sending me this great card. I love it!

The card is of the Bigouden Land.

These are the stamps and also the really cool postmark from Paris.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Moomin Papa

I found this adorable card in my mail today and I was so happy to get it. It's an official card FI-682415.

I absolutely love the Moomin cards. They're so cute! This here is Moominpapa and he says "Now it's time to relax and enjoy life"! I really need to follow his advice. I've been so stressed these last few months and there just isn't time for relaxation at all. Just always too much going on.
Thank you so much to Soilian for this adorable guy. I love it!

It had this nice stamp on it of a beagle hound. Great mail!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Venice, Italy

These 2 cards from Venice, Italy I received in joining a Round Robin.

This is the famous St. Markus basilica. It's one of the best known examples of Byzantine architecture. For its opulent design from the 11th century, its known by the nickname 'Church of Gold'.

This is the basilica della Salute, more commonly known simply as 'The Salute'. It's one of the most photographed churches in Italy.

Both cards came with this stamp.


This is a Round Robin card from my dear Stacey.
Thanks so much Stac for the great card.

I love the colors of the night sky on this card of Moscow. It's a really gorgeous view.

I really like the stamps too. They have so much detail in them. Awesome!


I received this great card from one of the 'GTKY' girls' recent trip there. Thank you so much Valerie for the awesome card. I love it! I also saw some of Val's pictures from her vacation and Vietnam looks like a really beautiful country.
This card shows the preparation for the Festival season in Nguyen Dong.

This cool stamp appears to be a lantern I think. I can tell that my eyesight is getting worser, because I'm having difficulty to make it out. If anyone can help?