Saturday, July 24, 2010

Acapulco, Mexico

Today is very hooooot here with temperatures of 103F (39.5C) and factoring in the humidity with a heat index of over 108F (42C+). So, if you can't be at the beach or near a pool, it's best to stay inside under the A/C. At least I'm off today and it feels soooo good not to have to worry about having to go to work.
Now to the card. My very 1st one from Mexico, yeah:):). This card is called 'The Magic of Acapulco' and it's a really great card. It would be a wonderful thing to be able to spend a week or so in such a tropical place just relaxing and having fun and not think about too much, but...........oh well, at least I can dream about such places looking at some of the beautiful cards I've received, since I've started postcrossing.
A special thank you goes out to Elena for sending me this gorgeous card for the North American RR for April. It's the first time since I've participated in this RR, that we had someone from Mexico, which is awesome.

Some very nice stamps on this card. The one on the left of a beautiful California Condor and the other looks to be some artisan Mexican craftmanship. Really nice!!! Also the postmark is very clear and visible.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This great card shows the Sultan Samad Building, which is the Judicial Department and High Court. The card says, that it was constructed in 1987 and has long been a landmark for Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. I can see why, I think it's such a beautiful architectural building and I love this view very much. A big thank you goes to Shian Chin for sending me this wonderful card for the May RR.

A really great stamp of a Malaysian submarine.

Bear Love from Finland

I just love this card. It's so adorable, a couple of bears snuggling and hugging. How wonderful love can be!!! This cuuute card came from Finland for the June RR. Thank you so much to Niina for sending this sweet card my way!

Also a very nice stamp of Aurora Borealis.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Strong Mouse

Yeah, it's finally Friday. It seems the work week just keeps going slower and slower and the week-ends fly by and before I know it, I find myself going back to work to start yet another week. I'm quite tired and worn out and just thankful to have this week-end off and not having to go to my other job. Of course I have a million and one things to do and hope to get at least a few of them done;)
I had this awesome card in my favorites and Michaela from Germany was so kind and sent it to me for the June Jubilee RR. Vielen lieben Dank fuer die tolle Karte!
It's called 'Starke Maus' and translated means 'Strong Mouse'. I think this is such a cool card. Seems like I remember a story from my childhood, where a mouse scared an elephant? I think if my memory serves me right, it was from 'Puss and Boots'. Please, do correct me, because I could be totally off on this and it seems my memory isn't like it used to be, lol.

Two great stamps on the card. One of a lighthouse and the other one of a bee. Both issued in 2010.

Warsaw, Poland

I love this card of Warsaw, Poland. The night view pictures are so beautiful. It would be a great place to visit and see all these gorgeous sights. It shows the Grand Theater on top. On the left is the Old Town Mermaid, in the middle the Old Town Market Square and on the right, the Royal Castle. This great card came from Magdalene for the May RR. Thank you so much for this beautiful card.

It also has some wonderful stamps of different places in Poland, I think???

Berne, Switzerland

This card is just tooooo cute. This adorable Momma bear with her cubs can be seen in the Bears' Den in Berne, Switzerland. Oh, don't you just wanna take one of those little cuties and cuddle him or her and bring it home? I received these cute fur balls for the May RR. Thank you so very much to Grace for this sweet card. I love it of course!

Cool bird stamp and a very clear postmark.

Tasmania, Australia

My first card from Tasmania, Australia and a map card at that. I love map cards and this one is a really awesome one. Thank you so much Melissa for sending it to me for the June Jubilee RR. I love it!!! A great addition to my collection.

The stamp is of Russell Falls in Tasmania. Unfortunately it wasn't postmarked. Beautiful scenery there, isn't it?