Friday, July 16, 2010

Strong Mouse

Yeah, it's finally Friday. It seems the work week just keeps going slower and slower and the week-ends fly by and before I know it, I find myself going back to work to start yet another week. I'm quite tired and worn out and just thankful to have this week-end off and not having to go to my other job. Of course I have a million and one things to do and hope to get at least a few of them done;)
I had this awesome card in my favorites and Michaela from Germany was so kind and sent it to me for the June Jubilee RR. Vielen lieben Dank fuer die tolle Karte!
It's called 'Starke Maus' and translated means 'Strong Mouse'. I think this is such a cool card. Seems like I remember a story from my childhood, where a mouse scared an elephant? I think if my memory serves me right, it was from 'Puss and Boots'. Please, do correct me, because I could be totally off on this and it seems my memory isn't like it used to be, lol.

Two great stamps on the card. One of a lighthouse and the other one of a bee. Both issued in 2010.


  1. I love this card! I have it in my favourites too!! Just must admit, I never took a careful look at it, and actually thought what the elephant was about to step on is a nail, not a mouse...was it Dumbo who actually stepped on one or I have mixed something up?

    enjoy the weekend Chrissy! Sending you a big hug! Kimi and Foxy say "meow" too :P

  2. Ana, thanks for coming by! Miss talking to you! Have a nice week-end too and give some pets to Kimi and Foxy from me! Big hugs to you!
    I'm not sure about Dumbo???