Friday, March 12, 2010


Yeah, finally Friday! It's been a long week. It's raining out, but it's not very cold. I'm just happy to have a little time off to catch up on posting some of my cards and getting some much needed rest, since it's another work day tomorrow.

This very beautiful card shows the traditional Vietnamese dress. I love their colors and the nice tropical scenery.
Thank you to Jo for this wonderful card. It's for the February Round Robin.

Moomin Card

I received this great Moomin card from Sara here in the US. She received some Moomin cards from her finnish friend and was so kind to part with one of them, to send to me. It's another great addition to my collection and I love it!
A big thank you to Sara!!!

This is for the March Round Robin.

Cat card from Ukraine

This really cool card has a great cat with a matching stamp on the front. It's the first one of this kind I've received and I love it!
It's from Ukraine for the February Round Robin. Thank you so much to Irina for this awesome card!

Not only does this card have the cool stamp on the front, but also some really awesome looking stamps on the back of the card. They're great!!!

East Sussex, England

This great map card is of East Sussex located on the South coast of England. I love map cards and this one is a really awesome one with all the great illustrations. It's for the February Round Robin. Thank you to Joolsuk for the great card!

A really cool pixie stamp on this one. Cute!

Hello Kitty

My 2nd 'Hello Kitty' card, yeah!!! I was so happy to find this cute card in my mail box. I love it! It's for the February Round Robin. Big thanks to Junko in Japan!

It has a printed 'Hello Kitty' stamp on the card and also those very beautiful stamps. Very nice!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


This is a very beautiful view of the Eastern Beach in Geelong, Victoria from Sara in Australia for the January RR. She writes that it's very hot there, about 44 C. We could use a little bit of this heat here, since it's been so cold and we had some more snow last Tuesday evening, but luckily the ground was a bit too warm, so it didn't stick to the roads and later it actually turned to rain. I've had enough of the snow this year, which is quite unusual for this area.

It would really be so nice to just walk along this beach and enjoy the sand, palms and warm sun! This is a great place to visit during the summer, since it has a protected swimming area.
It looks just gorgeous and I want to thank Sarah for sending this beautiful card and bringing me some sunshine!:)

Really a very cool stamp too showing Russell Falls in Tasmania.

Barcelona, Spain

I received this awesome card of Barcelona for the January RR. I love this card a lot, since it has a map of the city and pictures too. It's like 2 cards in one. Really a beautiful card!
Thank you so much Jordi for always sending such awesome cards!

I'd love to visit Spain some day, especially Barcelona. It looks so beautiful there!

Kitty from Portugal

This cute kitty card came from Portugal for the January RR. Love this one! Thank you so much to Joana.:)

Really awesome stamps on this one too! Love them;)

Manila, Philippines

I received this awesome multi view of Manila from one of the GTKY girls, when she got to spent some time at home over the holiday season. Thank you for the awesome card Marie:)
It's much appreciated!

The card shows (clockwise) the Ortigas Center and Megamall, the entrance to Intramuros, a former Spanish residence, A Spanish-inspired horse-driven calesa in front of Rizal Monument, Makati, a business district of the Philippines and San Augustin Church, one of the oldest churches in the Philippines.
It's a really nice city with both modern and a lot of historical places too. Would be nice to visit there some day;).