Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pretty Map Cards

Just recently I received these two great map cards from a Round Robin.

This first one is from Germany of the 'Romantisches Maintal' meaning the romantic Main valley. It shows all the the towns along the river Main. Germany is a really beautiful country and looking at this card and each picture of the towns, it does look quite romantic and it sure would be fun to visit some of these quaint towns and just walk around and sit in a cafe and relax and enjoy the atmosphere and historical surroundings.

This one was sent by xtlera. Danke schoen!

Also some really nice stamps. I especially like the one on the left.

This one is of Lithuania showing all the different towns and places to visit in that country. I like the map cards, because you can actually get more of a feel to where the different towns are located in a country and you don't need an atlas or google it, to figure it out.
Misfortune sent me this great card. Thank you!

Also a really cool stamp. Seeing all these beautiful and different stamps makes me want to maybe start collecting them too, even though I have 'zero' knowledge of stamps as you can tell.
Plus I wouldn't want to damage the cards trying to remove them.
I found that I can keep them in an album where I can see both sides of the cards though, so I can enjoy the picture on the card, the stamp and also the message written by the sender, which is quite special too.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Yeah, more bears!

I received 2 more bear cards this week to add to my collection. I just love them! They are so great.

This little bear cub is an official from Michigan, that I received just today and this little cutie is absolutely adorable. An 8 year old boy sent this one to me. Thanks so much Colton!

Here is our new stamp for sending postcards within the US. Love that one, I wonder why? LOL

These 2 bears look like they're having a little dispute there. Maybe over some fish, or a female? Got this great card in a tag from Andre in Germany. Vielen Dank Andre fuer die tolle Karte!

Cool stamp too. Looks like from some kind of fairytale maybe.

Private Swaps from the Ukraine and South Korea

This week I received these 2 incredible cards. They are just wonderful and so are the 2 ladies that sent them to me. Thank you so much girls.


This one is of Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine. This is the main square after the reconstruction in 2002. The Orange Revolution took place here. It's one of the most famous touristic sights and a definite must-see, if ever one goes to the Ukraine.

Also, some really cool stamps.

South Korea

This is an absolutely beautiful card of Changdeokgung. It's one of the 5 main palaces in South Korea. 'Gung' means palace in Korean. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1997.

The card says:

Aeryeonjeong was built in 1692 (Sukjong 18th year).

'A lotus flower is in the dirty place but it never change, being high, never lean, having a firm purpose, bright and clean, having virtue of wise man, so I love a lotus that I made a name of new arbor' they revealed.

Love those colorful stamps and the little drawing on the left:)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

US City Skylines

I love the city skylines and at night with all the lights, they're just breathtaking.

I received all these cards from different Round Robins that I've joined. Thank you all for the great cards!

This is Chicago, Illinois. It's quite easy to recognize with the Sears Tower.

Chicago, the windy city!

Atlanta, Georgia. I've been to Atlanta, but unfortunately didn't get to see any of the city, just changing planes there at the airport.

Here is an older view of New York City. Absolutely love NYC. I spent a few days there in Manhattan, and it was awesome. Sightseeing, shopping, going to a Yankees game and of course a broadway musical. It was a great time and I hope to go back some day again.

Dallas, Texas.

Legend Of The Teddy Bear

Since I love bears and teddy bears and bears on anything, I thought I'd post this card. I found this card a few weeks ago here and of course had to get it. It tells all about the legend of the Teddy bear.

Polar bear

This is an offical card from Finland. Pirjo sent me this adorable furball. As you can see, he is ready to get his belly rubbed :). He's a real cutie. I love this card!

Thank you so much Pirjo for sending this one to me.

This is the stamp, it says preserve the Polar Bear Regions and Glaciers and a sticker along with it. Just great!

Moomin Card from Finland

I received my 2nd Moomin Card this week. It's an Official one from Finland.

Maija from Finland sent me this card. She said, it's one of the newest Moomin cards. I'm so happy she sent it to me. Thank you so much Maija. She also put the matching stamp and some polar bear stickers on it for me, since she knows I love bears. Really sweet!

Matching stamp.

Adorable stickers.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Bear from a good friend

It's Friday and I'm actually having time to post a few cards that my dear friends have sent me.

This great bear card is from my dear friend Katy. Isn't he just so cuddly and adorable? She knows how much I love them and sent it to me. Thank you my dear. Hugs!

Here is the stamp that was on the card. It's postmarked in Haapsalu, Estonia. I'm starting to think that the stamps add something extra to it.


My very first cards from Macedonia, and not just one, but 3 of them from my dear friend Ana and a perfect choice for Postcard Friendship Friday. Thank you so very much my dear friend for sending them. They are just beautiful and I love them. You're the best! Hugs to you!

This card is called the Magic Lights of Macedonia. I love the colors, it's just gorgeous. It shows the old city of Skopje, actually the Old Bazaar, which dates back from the Ottoman Empire. This is where the Muslim community lives, but if you look close you can see the Christian cross on the far left.

Ana's hometown of Skopje showing the stone bridge over Vardar and city square. In the background the mountain Vodno with the cross on top, which was built in order to celebrate 2000 years of Christianity. Beautiful city!

This is Ohrid and a UNESCO site and one of the most popular places to go in the summer. The monastery of St. Naum is situated very near to the border of Albania.

These are the stamps that were on the envelope. My first time showing stamps and really they are too beautiful to ignore.

Monday, May 11, 2009


This beautiful colorful card is from a Round Robin. I'd love to go to New Orleans some day and stroll through the French Quarter and eat some Cajun food. Thanks Nikinno for the great card.

I just love this card. It's from a Round Robin I joined. Thank you so much Heidi.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday

Yeah, it's Friday and I want to share some of the great cards that I've received. It's a mixture of different topics and I love each and every one of them and they are even more special, since they were sent by my very thoughtful and kind friends. It gives me a good feeling to know, that even though everybody is so busy with their lives, there is someone, somewhere, in this world thinking of me, when they're taking the time to write me a card.

More bears from my friend Essi. She saw this card and thought about me. How wonderful and of course I love it. They are so cute and adorable. Makes you wanna get a big great bearhug lol. Thank you so much Essi. It was an awesome surprise to get it!

I received this great card from my friend Lyan. It's of the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Lyan took a little short vacation and sent all her friends a card from there. It looks so relaxing and serene. I could use a few days there to just destress, or really just get away from it all. There are a lot of tea plantations there and the rich soil provides for growing vegetables and berries too. Lovely place. Thanks Lyan, you're sweet to send this card!

This great and beautiful card I received from Markus. It's my very first one of Aland. It shows a little bit of everything there, including the flag, a lighthouse and a small map on the buttom left corner. Aland has 6500 islands and islets. Also pictured is the Yacht Club Restaurant , which is very popular. I wonder whether Markus maybe sits there sometimes and writes some of his postcards and just enjoys the beautiful surroundings? Pictured on the buttom is the museum ship Pommern, which was built in 1903. It's a really great card and I love it! Thank you so much for sending it Markus!

I received this Alabama Mapcard from Lori about a month ago. I'm just getting started with my mapcard collection and Lori was kind enough to help me out with this one. Thanks so much Lori!
I think the mapcards are very informative and colorful and tell so much about a place.

RAS Cards

I received two beautiful RAS cards in one week. I was really pleasantly surprised and moved by the thoughtfulness of my friends Lyan and Relie of the GTKY gang. Thanks so much girls, it was a lovely surprise.

My first Moomin card. I just love it! It was sent to me by Marzze on the behalf of my friend Lyan. I saw her Mommin cards on her blog and made a comment on how great they are and she had one sent to me. That was such a thoughtful and kind thing to do. Thanks so much Lyan!

This is the Hockey Hall of Fame in Canada sent by Sherry on the behalf of my GTKY friend Relie. Thanks so much for thinking of me.