Friday, May 1, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday

Yeah, it's Friday and I want to share some of the great cards that I've received. It's a mixture of different topics and I love each and every one of them and they are even more special, since they were sent by my very thoughtful and kind friends. It gives me a good feeling to know, that even though everybody is so busy with their lives, there is someone, somewhere, in this world thinking of me, when they're taking the time to write me a card.

More bears from my friend Essi. She saw this card and thought about me. How wonderful and of course I love it. They are so cute and adorable. Makes you wanna get a big great bearhug lol. Thank you so much Essi. It was an awesome surprise to get it!

I received this great card from my friend Lyan. It's of the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Lyan took a little short vacation and sent all her friends a card from there. It looks so relaxing and serene. I could use a few days there to just destress, or really just get away from it all. There are a lot of tea plantations there and the rich soil provides for growing vegetables and berries too. Lovely place. Thanks Lyan, you're sweet to send this card!

This great and beautiful card I received from Markus. It's my very first one of Aland. It shows a little bit of everything there, including the flag, a lighthouse and a small map on the buttom left corner. Aland has 6500 islands and islets. Also pictured is the Yacht Club Restaurant , which is very popular. I wonder whether Markus maybe sits there sometimes and writes some of his postcards and just enjoys the beautiful surroundings? Pictured on the buttom is the museum ship Pommern, which was built in 1903. It's a really great card and I love it! Thank you so much for sending it Markus!

I received this Alabama Mapcard from Lori about a month ago. I'm just getting started with my mapcard collection and Lori was kind enough to help me out with this one. Thanks so much Lori!
I think the mapcards are very informative and colorful and tell so much about a place.

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