Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pretty Map Cards

Just recently I received these two great map cards from a Round Robin.

This first one is from Germany of the 'Romantisches Maintal' meaning the romantic Main valley. It shows all the the towns along the river Main. Germany is a really beautiful country and looking at this card and each picture of the towns, it does look quite romantic and it sure would be fun to visit some of these quaint towns and just walk around and sit in a cafe and relax and enjoy the atmosphere and historical surroundings.

This one was sent by xtlera. Danke schoen!

Also some really nice stamps. I especially like the one on the left.

This one is of Lithuania showing all the different towns and places to visit in that country. I like the map cards, because you can actually get more of a feel to where the different towns are located in a country and you don't need an atlas or google it, to figure it out.
Misfortune sent me this great card. Thank you!

Also a really cool stamp. Seeing all these beautiful and different stamps makes me want to maybe start collecting them too, even though I have 'zero' knowledge of stamps as you can tell.
Plus I wouldn't want to damage the cards trying to remove them.
I found that I can keep them in an album where I can see both sides of the cards though, so I can enjoy the picture on the card, the stamp and also the message written by the sender, which is quite special too.

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