Friday, May 22, 2009

Private Swaps from the Ukraine and South Korea

This week I received these 2 incredible cards. They are just wonderful and so are the 2 ladies that sent them to me. Thank you so much girls.


This one is of Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine. This is the main square after the reconstruction in 2002. The Orange Revolution took place here. It's one of the most famous touristic sights and a definite must-see, if ever one goes to the Ukraine.

Also, some really cool stamps.

South Korea

This is an absolutely beautiful card of Changdeokgung. It's one of the 5 main palaces in South Korea. 'Gung' means palace in Korean. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1997.

The card says:

Aeryeonjeong was built in 1692 (Sukjong 18th year).

'A lotus flower is in the dirty place but it never change, being high, never lean, having a firm purpose, bright and clean, having virtue of wise man, so I love a lotus that I made a name of new arbor' they revealed.

Love those colorful stamps and the little drawing on the left:)

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  1. i stayed with two Korean girls when i was in Taiwan this Easter, they are so nic. :D and we talked about Korean tv series, movies, etc. XDDD
    the quote about lotus is written by a famous acient Chinese writer, Zhou Dunyi. all students in Hong Kong are needed to study that passage about the lotus. :P