Friday, May 15, 2009


My very first cards from Macedonia, and not just one, but 3 of them from my dear friend Ana and a perfect choice for Postcard Friendship Friday. Thank you so very much my dear friend for sending them. They are just beautiful and I love them. You're the best! Hugs to you!

This card is called the Magic Lights of Macedonia. I love the colors, it's just gorgeous. It shows the old city of Skopje, actually the Old Bazaar, which dates back from the Ottoman Empire. This is where the Muslim community lives, but if you look close you can see the Christian cross on the far left.

Ana's hometown of Skopje showing the stone bridge over Vardar and city square. In the background the mountain Vodno with the cross on top, which was built in order to celebrate 2000 years of Christianity. Beautiful city!

This is Ohrid and a UNESCO site and one of the most popular places to go in the summer. The monastery of St. Naum is situated very near to the border of Albania.

These are the stamps that were on the envelope. My first time showing stamps and really they are too beautiful to ignore.


  1. yay Chrissy, you have managed to scan stamps now! :D

  2. Yeah, I figured out the crop thing lol.
    Thanks for your help Lyan :)

  3. aahh, my cards!!! :)))
    ive missed a few PFF's due to "justified" reasons, but hopefully this Friday ill be in again :)