Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Flavors of Morocco

Yeeeeah, another Nouvelles Images card.  I love them and my collection is slowly growing. :)  This one is even more special to me, since I'm quite familiar with the items on the card.  Couscous, on the top of the card used to be served about every Friday and I loved all the great baked goods you see on the bottom.  
A special big 'Thank you' goes out to Sheila for sending me this awesome card as part of the September Round Robin. 

Love this stamp on this card.  Sooo cute!!!


  1. sooo jealous!!! I love this card!!! I also fell in love with the NI and this one is among my favourites of them, but still waiting for someone to send it to me..khm khm, i know where you live though so make sure you place this in a safe hidden place, hihihi ;-)
    i havent tried couscous, but my first impression of it when i saw it on the card was that it is something sweet and delicious...but I guess it is probably delicious but not under the sweet category!

  2. Thanks Ana! Yeah, me too I love the NI cards, they're so cool! They're among my favorites too!:) I'll keep it in a safe place lol ;)
    Couscous has a lot of different vegetables and usually meat, but you could just make a vegie one.
    Hugs to you!