Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cities of Poland

The week-end is already half gone again and it seems like that it took forever to get here.  Such a long week, even though we had our Thanksgiving holiday this past Thursday, but I had to work.  Still had turkey and all the goodies to go along with it, yummy!!!  And now there are a lot of  leftovers to eat.  
Now to the card!  How cool is this card?  I love it and it has become one of my favorites in my collection and it's  also my first round card.  It's gorgeous and shows different cities in Poland and the country seal in the middle.  Fantastic card, even though I didn't do a real good job of scanning it! 
A huge 'Thank you' goes to Likaa for sending it to me for the November Alternative Round Robin #1.  

Great stamps and a really clear postmark, which is always nice. 

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