Friday, March 20, 2009

Starting over again

I've been collecting postcards since I was a kid, but due to a lot of moving in the recent years, the majority of them got lost and I'm really sad about it, but I found out about postcrossing about 6 months ago and joined and I'm starting my collection again.

The postcard here was the first official one that I received and it's from Singapore and I love it. I have really enjoyed being on postcrossing and receiving quite a few postcards so far and also going on the forum and getting involved in tags and round robins, which added some more cards to my collection.

The best thing I've found other than getting all kinds of beautiful and interesting cards, are some of the friends I have made there in the past few months and they've really grown very special to me.

I will show some more postcards here, that I already have and hope to share many more beautiful postcards, that I'll receive.


  1. Welcome to your blog Chrissy! Im so glad you decided to open one of your own! Im adding you to my favourites PRONTO! :)

  2. Thank you so much my dear friend!

  3. I love bears too. Probably in more ways than you. I love to see wild bears, bears in zoos, on TV, and on my grill. Yes, I eat bear meat. It is delicious. It makes me sick to think of all the men who hunt bear for sport and never realize how good the meat is! Now I even have a bearskin rug and when we eat a bear steak I look at him and say "Thanks!"

  4. Singapore!!! yeah! :D
    no no to eating bears....