Saturday, February 13, 2010

Birthday Cards

Last month was my birthday and I received some very lovely cards. I want to thank everyone for thinking of me and sending warm wishes my way. It meant a lot to me and made me very happy!

This really adorable card came from Russia for the January Round Robin.
I love this card! Thank you Svet.:)

Totally awesome stamps too!

These beautiful, colorful, glittery cupcakes came from TrickySticky for the January RR. Thanks for the 'sweet' card. Love this one!

World as a heart stamp! Cool!

Another January Round Robin card. This fabulous, delicious cake was sent by Gea. Thank you! Doesn't it look yummy? :) Wish I could offer everyone a piece!!! lol

Really some nice stamps on this one!

This nice card I received from one of the GTKY girls. It looks so inviting and relaxing. Just sitting out in the warm sun reading a good book or magazine and enjoying the quiet!
Thank you Charlotte for the beautiful card.:)

This really nice card came from Finland from another one of the GTKY girls. It's a lovely card. Thank you Essi for this great card and wishes.

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