Saturday, June 6, 2009

Montevideo, Uruguay

I was really excited to receive this card, since it's my first one from Uruguay and I'd say, a probably more rarer one to get. I thought this time I'd also add a few interesting facts I found about this country. Montevideo, is the capital city of Uruguay and 1.7 million people live there and its metropolitan area, out of the 3.46 million for the whole country. An estimated 94.6% of the population are mostly of European descent. Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America.
The card shows the Buceo Port, which is the Diving Port. It was named after the divers who were looking for a shipwreck treasure in the area in 1752. The sports port was inaugurated in 1939.

This card is from a Round Robin. Thank you so much to Atali, who sent me this great addition to my collection.

Also a very interesting stamp which was located on the buttom right of the card, instead of the usual top right.

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