Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Since I received quite a few cards this month for Halloween, I thought it'd be a good day to post them.
My grandkids were so excited about going to go out 'Trick or Treating' today.  The older one, who is 3 years old wanted to wear his costume this morning already and he was ready to go, lol.
It's fun to see the little ones at holiday time.

Now to the cards, I received them all for the North America October Round Robin.  It's a real fun RR and I really enjoy participating in it each month.  I have done so for over a year now and hope to be able to continue with them.  They're a great bunch of people. 

This adorable card came from jenhart75.  I love it!  A great reprint from the early 20th century.  Thank you so much Jennifer for sending it.

Another great vintage reprint.  This one came from cawindt.  Thank you so much Craig for the cute card. Love it!

This is a really awesome one with a cat sitting amidst jack-o-lanterns.  It came from Lori, she is from the GTKY gang and loves all cards with cats.  Thank you so much for this cute card Lori.  I love it!

Another great vintage reprint.  This one came from zeroday.  Thank you so much for the cool card.  Love this one.

This card is Chas Addams card.  He was the creator of "The Addams Family".  It was a great series on television back in the 60's and I still enjoy watching the reruns, when I get a chance.  There were also 2 movies in the 90's and now a Broadway hit musical, which I didn't know about the later.  
I received this cool card twice this month.  From emeraldmist and skowt.  Thank you to you both for this great card.  I love it!  Thank you Corinne for the information about it;)

This last one, another really cool vintage reprint from nhigh.  She has been our host for this Round Robin and is doing an excellent job.  Thank you so much Naomi for the great card and running this Round Robin.:)

Thank you to everyone for the cool cards.  I love them all!  It's been  real fun receiving these great cards for this month.:)

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