Friday, April 17, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday

Since I'm actually posting today, on a Friday and it being Friendship Day, I think it's very appropriate to show some of the beautiful cards I have received from some of my friends from the 'GTKY' thread. They are a bunch of great girls and they've become very special friends to me.

These wonderful cards are from Lyan. She sent them in her first letter to me. The top one is of the 'Prophet's Holy Mosque' in Medinah. I absolutely love this card and it's very special to me for a lot of reasons. Thank you soooooo much Lyan.

The other card shows a beautiful dawn on the East Coast of Malaysia. Beautiful colors and I love palms and really miss seeing them now. Thanks Lyan for these wonderful cards.

This one is from Laura. She sent it to me in her first letter to me. She went to London in February and had a great time. I love the colors on this card. It's just beautiful. Thanks very much Laura!

These are from Valerie. One from her trip to Strasbourg. It's an UNESCO site and the other one is of the famous Fountain of Trevi in Rome, also from one of her recent trips. Thanks so very much Val for the wonderful cards and thinking of me!

This one is from Essi in Finland of her hometown Lappeenranta. Thanks Essi for the great card!


  1. hi Chrissy,
    sorry, the Prophet mosque is located in Medinah. The one in Makkah is the Haram mosque.. (where the Kaabah is located).

  2. Thanks Lyan. Sorry for the mistake!

  3. aaaahh, i just noticed that you had a Postcard Friendship Friday post!!! :(((((((

    sorry sorry sorry! Does commenting on a Monday count? :D

    btw, you should actually sign at Marie's blog too...she is like the PFF host...

    hopefully you'll join next Friday :)

  4. Hi! I just saw that you signed up for PFF! What a perfect post:) I love reading about how postcards have brought you joy and special friends! I'll send you a postcard too!

  5. Ana, you can comment here any day of the week and it will count for me!
    I went and signed up for the PFF!
    Thanks Ana for telling me, because I didn't know about it.
    Hugs to you!

  6. Thank you Marie, that's very nice of you!
    Yes, the cards that I receive really do bring me joy and the friends that I've made, really mean a lot to me.

  7. Could you email me your address Vagirl? :)