Saturday, April 25, 2009

Love Lighthouses

Since I missed posting for PFF this week, I decided to show my lighthouse cards, which I really love each and every one of them. I think lighthouses are so fascinating. I hope to be able to visit some of them some day and climb all the stairs to get to the top.

Lighthouses of the Northsea in Belgium and the Netherlands. I received this great card from Gilles of Belgium.

This is a painting of a lighthouse and beach scene from Flora1 in Finland. I love this card, because I love the beach and seagulls and lighthouse. I love just walking along the beach feeling the sand between my toes and the water on my feet.

This is Nobska Lighthouse, Woods Hole, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It's perhaps the most picturesque lighthouse on Cape Cod. It was built in 1828 and rebuilt in 1876. More than 30 thousand vessels pass by here annually. I got this card in a Round Robin from Evanscrew.

These lighthouses are from Portugal. I received this great card in a tag from Joana122.

This is Oerskaer Lighthouse in the Stockholm Archipelago in Sweden. This is a tag card from MerJade.

Lighthouses of the Netherlands.

1. Schiermonnikoog built in 1853 with a height of 44 meters.
2. Ameland built in 1880 with a height of 58 meters.
3. Terschelling built in 1593 with a height of 55 meters.
4. Vlieland built in 1876 with a height of 54 meters.
5. Texel built in 1863 with a height of 53 meters.
6. Den Helder built in 1877 with a height of 57 meters.
7. Egmond a. Z. built in 1834 with a height of 37 meters.
8. IJmulden built in 1878 with a height of 53 meters.
9. IJmulden built in 1878 with a height of 31 meters.
10. Noordwijk aaan Zee built in 1921 with a height of 33 meters.
11. Scheveningen built in 1875 with a height of 49 meters.
12. Maasvlakte built in 1974 with a height of 65 meters.
13. Ouddorp built in 1947 with a height of 56 meters.
14. Haamstede built in 1837 with a height of 58 meters.
15. Westkapelle built in 1470 with a height of 49.6 meters.
16. Westkapelle built in 1875 with a height of 20 meters.
This card was 1st prize in a lottery from Whocares.

This is Boon Island Light in Maine, USA. It's the tallest lighthouse in Maine. It's 137 ft. and located 6.5 miles off shore. I received this card in a tag from Skype.


  1. nice collection! :D I love lighthouses too. last time we went around somewhere near the beach near here and saw a lighthouse from afar.. and decided to go there, coz it looked reachable but only it's actually very far! :D

  2. i love lighthouses too!!! too bad we dont have them here =|