Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bear from British Columbia, Canada

It's been a while since I've posted here. Always too much going on with work and everyday life and just being totally exhausted from it all, plus not feeling my best here lately. Finally a week-end off, yeah!!!!

I wanted to show this totally cool card which I received for the April Round Robin. It's my first wooden card and a bear on it too, so it's totally perfect for me, since I love bears and this one is a cutie, even though he has a very serious look about him. I was very lucky that the card didn't get damaged going through the mail. It's made from Eastern Red Cedar and was sent to me from Canada. Thank you soooooo much to Tam for sending me this totally awesome card. I loooooove it!!!!! It's one of my very special cards in my collection!

A little bit of info about the Black Bear. It's one of the most common bear species native to North America and it can run as fast as 50 km per hour. The black bears are considered highly efficient hibernators and can live up to 33 years old.

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  1. oh wow, I didn't know that you get wooden cards and this one is super cute!