Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I love these cards. They are so cute!!! 
And thanks to participating in the North America Round Robin every month, 
I received all these adorable Jetoy cards.

This adorable one was for the NA December Round Robin and came from Midoritoraha. 
A big thank you to her for sending it to me.

A big thank you to Zeroday for this cute one for the NA April Round Robin.

This one I received for the NA December Round Robin. Thank you so much to Venice Sunrise for this cute card.

A big thank you goes to epollard for these two sweet kitties. It was for the NA April Round Robin.

This little red riding hood kitty came to me as part of the NA June Round Robin. Thank you so much to Cruzin for sending it my way.

This cutie was for the NA August Round Robin. Thank you so much to Chickadee for this adorable card.

This cutie pie was part of the NA July Round Robin and came from RobinP
Thank you so much for sending it my way!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Cards

Here are some Christmas cards I received from the NA December Round Robin.
Thank you for all the pretty cards.

This one is from Evelyne. I love the cats with the Santa hats. They're too cute!!!

The one on the left came from Heather. Love the bears pulling Santa's sleigh!
The one on the right is from Heidi. A real traditional card.

The one on the left is from Taiwan and it has some beautiful cancellations on the back. It's from Kikawa.
The other one is so cute with all the little animals. It came from Lori.

This one is from Erin. Not a creature is stirring...not even a mouse.

From Michael a vintage reprint. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics

I received this awesome card from Sammi.
Thank you so much!  I love it!
I have been watching some of the Olympics and really enjoyed it.
My favorites are swimming and gymnastics.
What amazing athletes!!!

Teddy Tum Tum

How cute is this card?  I absolutely love it! 
It's so adorable!
The card says, that "Teddy Tum Tum is an adventurer, prepared to journey where other bears dare not."
It's one Patrick Lowry's exquisite illustrations.
A big bear hug to Lori for sending it.
She always knows what cards I like.


I love map cards and these Ideaman cards are especially nice. I just have a handful of them.
This one is of Maryland and has the State flag, the Oriole (state bird)
and the Black-Eyed Susan (state flower).
Love the crabs and all the other pictures on the card.  So fun!
Thank you so much Erin for sending this great card.
An awesome addition for my collection.

Alcatraz Island

This great card of Alcatraz Island Lighthouse near San Francisco arrived last month
for the North America July Round Robin.
My first card showing the inside of a lighthouse.
What an awesome addition to my lighthouse collection.
Thank you so much Victoria for sending it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


This card is so cuuute!  I just love it! 
It came from Eliza and she sent it for the North America July Round Robin.
She went to a Postcrossing Meet Up in Grand Rapids, MI this month and sent it from there, along with signatures from some of the participants.  How cool! 
Thank you Eliza and to all the others, that signed my card.